About us

Inter Bloemen Service B.V. has been a specialist company exporting cut flowers since 1972. We got our start in Akersloot, but since 2007, we have been in Flora Holland Aalsmeer, at the heart of the flower world. Every day we see the most beautiful products pass right before our eyes, and we put all of our passion into delivering them to our customers, primarily in Germany. We also export to the Czech Republic.

Since the beginning, our focus has always been on delivering top quality fresh flowers (A1) at a fair price.


From grower to your front door

Our small team has its finger on the pulse of trends. We buy our flowers fresh daily at the Netherlands' three largest auctions in Rijnsburg, Naaldwijk, and Aalsmeer.

Our buyers each have their own specialisation and maintain close ties with the growers. That is how we can deliver varieties like roses, tulips, and amaryllis, farm fresh and at a great price.

After purchase, we deliver the flowers to your front door in our own trucks. That means we can provide flexible delivery, tailor-made for you.

Our team consists of 3 salesmen, 6 buyers, 5 box workers, 7 drivers and 2 administrative workers.